We use a compact, state-of-the-art computerized system using high-quality gear from companies like DENON, American DJ, and Chauvet for sound and lighting effects.


Our state-of-the-art lighting system uses super-bright LED technology, is intelligent and sound activated. Lighting from American DJ and Cauvet is mounted on a 10’ truss or two T-bars(where space permits), with two in-sync scanners, a Derby giving a cool laser-type effect, and two Color strips that change the room color with many additional effects. Our newest addition is a laser with the popular sky affect.The fog machine is always included with the lighting unless undesired to give the real laser type effects.Now included are the Star Balls to which are the modern version of the traditional mirror ball but now synced with the music.

Mixing board

We use a DENON DN-X800 mixer with the DENON DN-HC4500 controller, coupled with the PCDJ-RED software running on a high powered ALIENWARE M14XR2 Laptop with an I7 processor for superior performance.


We use two self-amplified bi-amped high caps, using 10” drivers coupled with high quality compression horns, as well as two powerful compact self-amplified 12” sub woofers to give that big punch. This configuration often performs much better than a larger speaker system, without the big footprint. It also allows us into smaller venues while performing way beyond what you would expect from a system this compact.